Carbon June 6, 2023
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Zero-Waste Carbon Filter

Innovative odour control systems with sustainable advantages. Its patented replaceable carbon cartridge eliminates the need to replace the entire unit. Enjoy efficient filtration, convenience, and reduced environmental impact for superior and greener grow operation.

Waste-Free Growing

Turn a 100% wasteful process down to zero waste with our replaceable cartridge and recycling program.


Turn a 30-minute maintenance process down to two minutes. No more lengthy procedures.


Save up to 30% on your carbon filter costs by never having to replace an entire unit again.


With reduced replacement needs and lower maintenance hours, benefits from a healthier bottom line.

Optimized SavingsTime, Cost, and Operational Efficiency


Maintenance time for filter replacement


Operating expenses for odour control

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Zero Waste Carbon Filter

Upgrade your horticulture facility or grow space and transform your odour control management approach. Durable stainless steel housing, highly efficient galvanized steel carbon cartridge, and low-pressure drop filters, all working together with a patented replaceable carbon cartridge.

Zero-waste carbon filters to eliminate odours from your indoor grow tent or hydroponic grow room. Features a stainless steel outer housing and galvanized steel carbon cartridge for superior quality. Contains above-standard North American 4-mm granular carbon in a 2"-thick carbon bed.
Zero Waste Regulatory Odour Control Process
Significant Time and Labor Savings
Cost-Effective Design and Maintenance
Innovative Replaceable Design


BA420: 4″

BA624: 6″

BA824: 8″

BA1030: 10″


BA420: 20″

BA624: 24″

BA824: 24″

BA1030: 30″




Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel


North American, 4mm granular


BA420: 400 CFM

BA624: 600 CFM

BA824: 800 CFM

BA1030: 1,100 CFM


BA420: 200 CFM

BA624: 300 CFM

BA824: 400 CFM

BA1030: 550 CFM


BA420: 8.3kg / 18.3lbs

BA624: 8.4kg / 18.4lbs

BA824: 19.7kg / 43.4lbs

BA1030: 19.7kg / 43.4lbs


BA420: 2.53kg / 5.6lbs

BA624: 15.3kg / 33.7lbs

BA824: 11.3kg /24.9lbs

BA1030: 13.6kg / 30.0lbs


BA420: 0.3″ wg @ 200 CFM

BA624: 0.6″ wg @ 500 CFM

BA824: 0.8″ wg @ 750 CFM

BA1030: 0.75″ wg @ 1,000 CFM


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How the Blade Air
Carbon Filter Works

A Simpler Approach to Filtration: With our convenient replaceable cartridge design, say goodbye to replacing entire carbon filters. Just exchange old cartridges for clean ones, saving time and reducing waste. It’s that easy!

Blade Air Recycling Program

Embrace sustainability with our innovative recycling program, transforming a 100% wasteful process into a zero-waste solution using our patented Blade Air carbon cartridges. Join our Blade Air Recycling Program and become part of the sustainability movement. Experience cleaner air and odour control while making a positive impact on the environment, one recycled cartridge at a time.

Here's how our eco-conscious journey unfolds:
Send Your Used Carbon Cartridge to Blade Air

When your carbon filter is exhausted, simply send the used cartridge back to Blade Air to kickstart the recycling process.

Environmentally Responsible Carbon Donation

At our facility, we responsibly remove the used carbon and donate it to facilities, minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Thorough Sanitization

The used cartridge undergoes a rigorous sanitization process to ensure it's clean, fresh, and ready for its next adventure.

Refilled with High-Quality Virgin Carbon

After sanitization, the cartridge is filled with premium virgin carbon, restoring its filtration efficiency to its peak, ready to provide purified air.

Turnkey Odour Control Solutions

Our expert team is dedicated to providing regulatory compliant odour control design, efficient installation, seamless replacements, and reliable maintenance services. Whether you’re embarking on a new development or seeking to retrofit existing facilities, we’ve got you covered.

Our turnkey solutions ensure that you can breathe easy while we take care of every aspect of your odour control needs.

  • Customized odour control and air flow design to meet regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive documentation for Health Canada, U.S. state, and municipal regulatory bodies
  • Expertise in new development proposals and retrofitting existing facilities
  • Collaborative documentation support for engineering teams
  • Full-service odour control system installation with precision and efficiency
  • Secure mounting of filters and fans onto existing HVAC systems
  • Expertise in new development projects and retrofitting existing facilities
  • Hassle-free replacement of carbon cartridges, either delivered or installed by our team
  • Regular monitoring and timely replacement of carbon filters for optimal performance
  • Robust documentation for municipal, provincial, state, and federal regulatory bodies
  • Support with municipal bylaw or tort (nuisance) claims related to odour issues
  • Annual compliance review of odour control guidelines to ensure ongoing effectiveness
  • Expertise in remediation for emerging odour control and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) challenges
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Odour free cultivation processes for a healthy grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our recycling program takes a 100% wasteful process, replacing your entire carbon filter, down to zero waste with Blade Air patented carbon cartridges. Once a clients clean carbon filter is exhausted, a new carbon cartridge is installed and the exhausted cartridge is sent back to Blade. Once it arrives at our facility, the used carbon is removed and donated to a facility where it is used for other necessities. The used cartridge is then properly sanitized and filled with high-quality virgin carbon. This unit is now ready to be shipped to a new home!

Unlike standard carbon filters, the Blade Air patented replaceable carbon cartridge eliminates the need to replace the entire unit.

Turn a 30-minute industry average maintenance process down to two minutes.

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