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Odour-free cultivation processes for a healthy grow

Odour-free cultivation processes for a
healthy grow

Odour control solutions designed to support sustainable cultivation practices, contributing to a greener and eco-conscious approach to horticulture.

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Why Blade Air?

Our mission is to revolutionize cultivation processes by offering innovative indoor air quality and odour control solutions that go beyond conventional practices. We are dedicated to helping horticultural businesses achieve odour-free, sustainable environments, ensuring a healthy and flourishing grow.

For horticultural facilities, maintaining clean and odour-free air is not only essential for the well-being of plants but also for the comfort of workers and neighboring communities. Our advanced indoor air quality solutions, coupled with cutting-edge zero-waste carbon filters, effectively remove unpleasant odours and airborne contaminants associated with the cultivation process while establishing a 100% recyclable process.

Breathing Innovation into Horticultural Facilities
Zero-Waste Technology

We are proud pioneers of a patented zero-waste design, transforming a wasteful process into an environmentally responsible one. With our recycling program, we are dedicated to minimizing waste throughout the product lifecycle. 

Time-Saving Efficiency

Change your entire carbon filter in just two minutes, a remarkable improvement from the typical 30-minute process. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency, giving you more time to focus on growing.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Significant cost savings of up to 30% on carbon filter expenses. With our replaceable cartridges, you’ll never have to replace the entire unit again, reducing long-term operating costs and maximizing the value of your investment.

Solutions for Horticulture Facilities


Frequently Asked QuestionsHORTICULTURE

Blade Air products are designed to improve the air quality within horticulture facilities, creating an ideal environment for plant growth. By incorporating advanced carbon filters, these products efficiently eliminate various contaminants, including mould spores, airborne pathogens, dust, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while effectively neutralizing unpleasant odours. 

  • Regulatory-compliant odour control and airflow design
  • Creation of documentation for Health Canada, U.S. state regulatory bodies and municipal regulatory bodies
  • New development proposals or retrofitting existing facilities
  • Creation of documentation for engineering teams

Our recycling program takes a 100% wasteful process, replacing your entire carbon filter, down to zero waste with Blade patented carbon cartridges. Once a client’s clean carbon filter is exhausted, a new carbon cartridge is installed, and the exhausted cartridge is sent back to Blade. Once it arrives at our facility, the used carbon is removed and donated to a facility where it is used for other necessities. The used cartridge is then properly sanitized and filled with high-quality virgin carbon.

Yes, Blade Air products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The Blade Air Carbon Filter comes with simple installation procedures, making it easy for horticulture facility operators to set up and manage.

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