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The Distillery District
Project Description
20 January 2021

Pro Filter Series




The Distillery District management team contacted Blade Air in December 2021 to improve indoor air quality in their buildings. They were looking for a solution that could balance reducing their carbon footprint while creating a healthier workspace for their tenants. Blade Air’s Pro Filters utilizing electromagnetic technology were implemented to outperform HEPA and capture particulate matter in the viral range.

The trials were completed on the second floor of the Stone Building, resulting in significant energy savings of up to 75% in fan motor consumption and 2.25 times better performance in capturing and removing bacteria from the airstream compared to MERV-13 filters.

About The Distillery District

The Gooderham & Worts Distillery District is a popular tourist attraction and cultural hub in Toronto, made up of 47 restored 19th-century buildings. The district offers dining, shopping, and cultural experiences, including live theatres, galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. The area is closed to traffic and located a short walk from downtown Toronto.

The restored structures maintain the original construction materials, giving visitors a glimpse of Victorian-era Canada. The Distillery Historic District opened in 2003 and is considered Canada’s top arts, culture, and entertainment destination.

The Solution

Blade Air Pro Filter Series

Electromagnetic filters harnessing the power of active polarization to capture particles a remarkable 40 times smaller than those caught by traditional pleated filters, operating at a MERV-14 equivalency. With breathable, lofted glass fibre, they excel by reducing airflow restrictions and pressure drops, extending filter life and improving indoor air quality. Sustainability and cost-effectiveness included, making them a prudent choice for businesses prioritizing the environment and operational efficiency. Breathe better, save energy.

  • Made of 70% recycled material
  • 2 times longer-lasting filter life
  • Captures particles 40x smaller than standard filters
  • No retrofits necessary- guaranteed to fit any HVAC system
Filter 3.669
Audit & Assess

Comprehensive HVAC system assessment evaluating key metrics, with baseline tests conducted using standard filters. This allows us to establish a solid foundation for comparison.


Energy Efficiency Trial

Following the installation of Blade Air Pro Filters, precise measurements of airflow speed and energy consumption are closely monitored. 


Indoor Air Quality Trial

Broken into three phases, where an independent third-party laboratory visited the site to take measurements of the airborne particulate matter.


Operational Savings

Blade Air’s Pro Filters created a 75% reduction in energy consumption and saved 50% on scheduled maintenance labour.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Blade Air’s Pro Filters perform 2.25x better than original standard filters in dispersing live bacteria indoors.

Key Benefits

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Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Healthier indoor environment, promoting clean and fresh air, which contributes to better respiratory health and overall comfort.

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Sustainable Energy Efficiency

Significant energy savings achieved, indicating a commitment to environmental sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

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Cost-Effective Maintenance

Reduction in maintenance costs, which can lead to more efficient use of resources and an extended HVAC filter lifespan. 

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Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Improvement in cognitive function for staff, students, and clients, leading to better productivity, learning, and overall mental well-being.

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