GLORY 30X30: Meet the Class of 2023 Ava Montini July 27, 2023

GLORY 30X30: Meet the Class of 2023

This year, the sixth annual Glory Professional 30X30 guide showcases a group of incredible individuals who are redefining the way we do business, championing their communities, and cultivating entirely new industries. From tech and media pioneers to healthcare entrepreneurs and athletic trailblazers, each of this year’s inductees is challenging Canadians to think (and work) differently for a brighter future. 

Brothers Aeden and Joseph Fida, alongside co-founder Giancarlo Sessa, are in the business of producing better air. In 2017, the Toronto-based trio united to launch Blade Filters to create zero-waste carbon filters. Once the pandemic hit, the entrepreneurs turned their attention to the creation of Blade Air, an operating division that specializes in air purification technology and indoor air quality.

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