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About Us marzooq@trailblazermktg.com February 6, 2020
Breathe Innovation

Blade Air is a leading manufacturer in the indoor air quality technology industry, and innovation is the breath that sustains us.

Clean air is not just our goal; we are reimagining how people breathe, making clean air accessible in revolutionary ways that prioritize both sustainability and wellness.

Managing over
540 Million cubic feet of indoor
air across, all industries.
The Salvation Army
Peel District School Board
The Distillery District
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Pure Sunfarms

Core Values

With a dedication to excellence and a passion for sustainably clean air, we embody five core values that drive everything we do. Together, we empower individuals and companies to breathe confidently.

Breathe Easy

We prioritize simplicity and convenience, Providing our clients with effortless indoor air quality solutions. From transparent communication to seamless product selection, installation, and ongoing support.


Breathe Trust

We deliver reliable solutions you can depend on. Valuing transparent communication, ethics, and exceptional customer service.


Breathe Impact

Dedicated to making a positive impact on people and the planet. Our technologies support ESG initiatives and community well-being.


Breathe Sustainability

We empower clients to make a positive environmental impact with energy-efficient technologies, fostering a healthier future and bottom line.


Breathe Culture

Our focus is to create a culture of reliability, accountability, cohesion, and trust.


Our History
Company founded

Previously known as Blade Filters Inc., we launched the world's first zero-waste carbon filter for eco-friendly odour control solutions.

Blade Air was born

Responding to the need for improved air quality, Blade Air was founded to connect the world to healthy indoor environments.

Investing in technology

To serve every customer's specific needs, we developed a portfolio of cutting-edge technology for all indoor spaces.

Leaders in IAQ technology

Innovating the IAQ industry with environmentally engineered solutions achieving both sustainability and clean air goals.

Awards and Achievements

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, our company innovation and growth has earned us various awards and achievements

Associations and Memberships

Aligned with prestigious associations and affiliations, exemplifying excellence and collaboration

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